National Basketball League in Lithuania

NKL wanted their final season event to set a tone for their upcoming season. The goal was not only to come up with a fresh look but also to differentiate their league from Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL)

Client's challenge

We developed a long-term identity solution for their recurring final season event - Final 4 Weekend. Around the new identity we created a variety of supporting marketing material ranging from on-brand Sponsorship Proposals to Digital ticket campaign advertisements.

Solution we provided

Solution in Depth

To differentiate NKL from its’ big brother LKL, we wrapped event communication around two key concepts that targeted two distinct audiences. The first concept - “Watch Us Rise” (#TalentųKalvė) targeted a younger audience in the regions that are mainly interested in following young perspective players that can develop really fast and can be playing top-tier basketball next season in LKL already. The second was - “League of all Lithuania” (#VisosLietuvosLyga) and targeted an older regional audience who relate to NKL as being more down to earth, accessible and rough-edged.

As mentioned we developed long-term identity solution for the event, that incorporates the hosting city’s coat of arms visual adaptation and provided a variety of supporting marketing elements: Brand style & Identity; Proposal for Sponsors; Print & OOH; TV & Radio; Digital Ad campaigns; Banners; Web Solution; Artworks; Social Media content & many others.

Solution in MOTION

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What our clients say

Long-term partners helping us to nail social media challenges in Lithuania. We highly appreciate our partnership and gladly recommend Conquer.

Lithuanian Basketball League, COO, Žygimantas Surintas

These guys know their way around digital marketing and they can deliver clear, data-based results. We are extremely happy to have them as our partners not only in the digital arena but also in helping us to develop our sponsorship strategies and execution.

National Basketball League, CMO, Modestas Valiuševičius

We started our partnership with Conquer a while ago, when they became our partner in most of our digital matters. As our partnership evolved, Conquer began to develop our sponsorship projects that we are immensely grateful for. They boosted ROI results, increased brand cohesiveness and really empowered our sponsorship investments. Looking forward to more delightful work together.

Marex Sport Yachts, CMO, Thomas Aalrud

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