LTeam content for Tokyo 2020

Lithuanian Olympic Committee and the Lithuanian National Olympic Team (LTeam) is preparing for Tokyo 2020 Olympic games and decided to make some special social media content for members of LTeam.

Client's challenge

Our solution - to create unique pieces of artwork for each sportsman or sportswoman who will be participating in Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Artworks feature the best moments from athlete careers, cultural Japanese artefacts and various other elements to create the feeling that each of our athletes can triumph and be victorious in Tokyo 2020. Go team Lithuania!

Solution we provided

Solution in Depth

LTeam or Lithuanian National Olympic Team is a sports team brand that Lithuanian Olympic Committee created a while back to unify all olympic sports and athletes in Lithuania. As Tokyo 2020 Olympic games are closing in, more and more LTeam athletes are completing the normatives and winning tournaments that enable them to participate in the greatest human sporting event. Lithuanian Olympic Committee was looking for unique digital content solutions to announce every new member who has officially gotten into Tokyo 2020.

Thus, we crafted unique pieces of artwork for each sportsman, sportswoman or team that featured the best moments of their careers, cultural Japanese artefacts and other various elements. The idea of it - to ignite the feelings of triumph, glory and respect. Respect for pushing physical and mental limits to the very extremes and how only with that mindset each of our athletes can be victorious in Tokyo 2020.

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Long-term partners helping us to nail social media challenges in Lithuania. We highly appreciate our partnership and gladly recommend Conquer.

Lithuanian Basketball League, COO, Žygimantas Surintas

These guys know their way around digital marketing and they can deliver clear, data-based results. We are extremely happy to have them as our partners not only in the digital arena but also in helping us to develop our sponsorship strategies and execution.

National Basketball League, CMO, Modestas Valiuševičius

We started our partnership with Conquer a while ago, when they became our partner in most of our digital matters. As our partnership evolved, Conquer began to develop our sponsorship projects that we are immensely grateful for. They boosted ROI results, increased brand cohesiveness and really empowered our sponsorship investments. Looking forward to more delightful work together.

Marex Sport Yachts, CMO, Thomas Aalrud

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