Branding for Rally, Lithuanian Rally Championship & sponsorship proposal

Lithuanian Automobile Sport Federation (LASF) is the main organisation for the 2nd biggest sport in the country - autosport. Our challenge was to craft a unique look for Lithuanian Rally Championship and to create one of the main documents for LASF - sponsorship proposal.

Client's challenge

Our solution - to craft a unique, long-term brand for Lithuanian Rally Championship that would be able to create a consistent brand image and could provide brand recognition and brand recall for LASF. Afterwards, we carried on to prepare more branded material for Lithuanian Rally Championship with the new look - like social media designs, video themes and most importantly - an extensive sponsorship proposal document.

Solution we provided

Solution in Depth

LASF is a large organisation leading the second biggest sport in Lithuania - autosport. In itself - autosport is really broad and consists out of several disciplines: Rally, Circuit, 4X4, Drag, Drift, Cross (RallyCross), Slalom & E-Racing. The main challenge from LASF for us first was to create a new brand image for their leading autosport - Rally and Lithuanian Rally Championship. However, here we took some time to plan ahead, as we knew that creating a separate new look for each of the other autosports in the future is not going to be an option consistent with the main branding principles. A cohesive solution was needed. Therefore, we set out to create a design system for LASF that would systematically integrate all of its disciplines first and only then proceed to tackle our main challenge - rally. After hours of creative & analytical sessions we got our hands on it. Our main solution was to craft unique texture-based patterns based on one of the key elements uniting all autosport disciplines - the race track itself.

Based on race track analysis and main principles of each sport we developed texture-based patterns and evolved further design elements around them. For instance, the pattern for rally has loads of various curves, turns and is a bit maze-like (a good navigator could really help!). Great navigation skills, loads of turns, great speeds, beaten track - all this represents the main qualities of rally. Following the same principle - the texture pattern for circuit racing discipline is circular, while drag racing will obviously be based on straight line texture patterns. For now we can only showcase rally, but we are sure we will be able to unveil the others in the near future. After the branding process we went further on to develop on of the backbone documents for any sport organisation - sponsorship proposal. We began the process with extensive analysis of statistics and data, explored integration possibilities. We created new structure, sponsorship positions, data metrics, visuals for partner positions, new integration solutions and overall design to give this document the feeling of innovation, data-orientation and racing spirit!

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Long-term partners helping us to nail social media challenges in Lithuania. We highly appreciate our partnership and gladly recommend Conquer.

Lithuanian Basketball League, COO, Žygimantas Surintas

These guys know their way around digital marketing and they can deliver clear, data-based results. We are extremely happy to have them as our partners not only in the digital arena but also in helping us to develop our sponsorship strategies and execution.

National Basketball League, CMO, Modestas Valiuševičius

We started our partnership with Conquer a while ago, when they became our partner in most of our digital matters. As our partnership evolved, Conquer began to develop our sponsorship projects that we are immensely grateful for. They boosted ROI results, increased brand cohesiveness and really empowered our sponsorship investments. Looking forward to more delightful work together.

Marex Sport Yachts, CMO, Thomas Aalrud

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