Collaborate with emerging esports industry to grow
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We provide services that connect brands with the global gaming community through high impact campaigns, design, experiences and sponsorships projects.

Esports consulting

We consult brands on how they could approach the world of esports, what could be their initial launch strategy, media planning, content creation, community growth and many other aspects.

Tailored marketing campaigns

We provide all-around agency services tailored for esports projects. Esport marketing campaigns, content campaigns, integrated campaigns, influencer campaigns and others.

Sponsorship management

We help brands to get the most out of their integration in esports as well as we help esports to effectively integrate their partners. The key areas we specialise are: Sponsorship Proposals, Shared-value content, Brand Integration.

Content production & assets

We excel in planning and providing quality content across variuous areas: Editorial (copywriting), Graphic Design, Video, Motion Graphics, Animation.

Social media management

Taking esport projects to their full potential requires great expertise in social media management. We provide assistance in: planning; paid campaigns; content creation & curation; other formats.

Esport event management

Running a live or an online esports event requires a handful of experience and a refined project management process. We are here to consult and help!

conquer for ESports

We help esports organisations to:

Create and develop their brand identity and business strategy

Activate brand resources with creative campaigns

Establish long-lasting sponsorships via shared-value model

Manage and organise esports events

Accelerate growth with media and content collaborations


Jonas Brazys, Head of Esports

Jonas is one of the most well known esport experts in the Baltics. He is the Co-founder of GameOn, one of the biggest gaming events in the Baltic region. He is also the founder of GameplayDNA - one of the first successful Lithuanian esports teams, later on acquired by BC Žalgiris Kaunas.

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