Sport is all about true emotions. With Conquer you can successfully use them to grow your brand.

how we help brands

The world just loves sports and so do we. Sports-related sponsorships are one of the most attractive marketing solutions for brands, whether they are looking to enter or localize in new markets, pump up their brand image or craft that special social responsibility campaign. Despite the attractiveness of the value that sponsorships can provide, only a small part of businesses enable them to bring positive investment returns. Until now.

At Conquer we help business organizations build partnerships instead of sponsorships. We developed a process for sport sponsorships to be more ROI orientated, innovative and hassle-free collaborations that bring clear results to the table. We inject our share of marketing expertise, creativity & innovation to ensure real value for your business.

conquer for BRANDS

We help brands to:

Discover opportunities & new channels of advertising through sports

Find suitable sports organisations & athletes to partner up with

Construct shared-value marketing strategies & campaigns for brands projects

Create, lead and manage sports marketing campaigns

Further integrate, overlook and develop sponsorship agreements & projects


Sponsoring sports is no longer a donation-like phenomena. It is a reborn advertising channel that can be more effective than traditional media campaigns!

Why choose sports?

Sports is all about true emotions, living in the moment, excitement and traditions. These are all very strong brand associations that can be borrowed from sports and if used correctly can help and grow any business or brand! Finding and utilizing this connection between sport and business is what we do best.

Why choose sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a great advertising method that can help solve a variety of brand issues: localization and globalization; finding new audiences; improving brand image; engaging in social responsibility campaigns; building brand trust; increasing brand loyalty and many more.

Why Conquer Sports?

In the world of ever increasing ad costs and every brand using the same media channels - sponsorship is a great way to differentiate and to strengthen connections with brands’ audience. Conquer is the only platform that utilizes shared-value model between business and sport and assures a hassle-free sponsorship for both sides!

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What our clients say

Long-term partners helping us to nail social media challenges in Lithuania. We highly appreciate our partnership and gladly recommend Conquer.

Lithuanian Basketball League, COO, Žygimantas Surintas

These guys know their way around digital marketing and they can deliver clear, data-based results. We are extremely happy to have them as our partners not only in the digital arena but also in helping us to develop our sponsorship strategies and execution.

National Basketball League, CMO, Modestas Valiuševičius

We started our partnership with Conquer a while ago, when they became our partner in most of our digital matters. As our partnership evolved, Conquer began to develop our sponsorship projects that we are immensely grateful for. They boosted ROI results, increased brand cohesiveness and really empowered our sponsorship investments. Looking forward to more delightful work together.

Marex Sport Yachts, CMO, Thomas Aalrud

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