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about conquer

A brief look into what we think and what we’re made of


We are the missing partnership link. Here to transform sponsorships into true partnerships. We act as an empowering link to help create higher marketing value for both - business and sport. We enable sponsorships to work by creating shared-value marketing campaigns. Our marketing actions are based on strategy-first approach and clear ROSI objectives. We take care of all marketing projects and their management, leaving no hassle for our clients.

We also have the right resources and tools to make your sponsorship successful. Our team consists of professional specialists in sports marketing, design and development who are ready to bring your sponsorship to the next level.


We didn’t reinvent sponsorship. Instead, we empowered it to become a more effective, powerful and totally hassle-free. All taken care of by us!


Sports sponsorship deals are hitting all-time highs. This is why you should join.
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Vilius Šiugždinis, CEO

Vilius is our true strategy playmaker and design lead. Having graduated from the top design university in Asia, he worked with such brands as Dongfeng, Renault, Hyundai, Tenute Piccini, HK Philharmonic and others to assist them in design-led brand transformations. Before falling in love with design, Vilius was a keen digital marketer, sailing enthusiast and an actual playmaker in a basketball academy!

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