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sports partnerships

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We build, manage and develop powerful partnerships between businesses & sport organizations. You get a hassle-free sponsorship with all its’ benefits, we do the rest.


conquer for brands

We help brands to:

Discover opportunities & new channels of advertising through sports

Find suitable sports organisations & athletes to partner up with

Construct shared-value marketing strategies & campaigns for brands projects

Create, lead and manage sports marketing campaigns

Further integrate, overlook and develop sponsorship agreements & projects

conquer for sports

We help sport organisations to:

Utilize existing resources & grow marketable capacity to appeal to potential sponsors

Find suitable businesses & organisations to partner up with

Construct shared-value marketing strategies & campaigns

Assist in delivering highest quality marketing campaign execution

Grow and develop sponsorship agreements & rights usage

WHY TRADITIONAL sponsorship doesn't work?

Around 70% of businesses are not satisfied with their returns

on sponsorship investments. Here are the main reasons why.


Investment (ROI)

The unclear nature of investment returns and lack of data-driven approach often endangers the development of sport sponsorship projects.

Missing strategic approach

Lack of strategic approach at the start and throughout the project often leads to misaligned goals, chaotic partnership and sub-par results.

Ineffective project management

Managing sponsorship projects effectively requires a handful of experience and a refined project management process.

Lack of


Connecting sports industry and businesses is unique in its’ own way. Lack of creative processes and experience is a common obstacle for most partnerships.

Lack of human resources

Taking sponsorship projects to their full potential requires experts of multiple areas that are expensive to find or difficult to allocate.



Sponsorships require lots of time, clear responsibilities and close collaboration between parties. That results in an immense hassle which often overshadows what both parties get in exchange.


Long-term partners helping us to nail social media challenges in Lithuania. We highly appreciate our partnership and gladly recommend Conquer.

LKL, COO, Žygimantas Surintas